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2022 Fourth Annual Back to School
OUTreach Initiative

The THRIVE Zone Church is so grateful to all of our sponsors who contributed to our very 1st, 2nd & 3rd Back to School Initiatives in 2019, 2020 and 2021!


We pray a special blessing to you!

2022 Information


We are hosting our Fourth Annual 2022 Back to School Community Outreach Initiative from now until July 27, 2022.  We are excited to continue to serve families of a local elementary school. Since our Inaugural Community OUTreach Initiative in 2019, we have provided school uniforms, undergarments, socks and shoes to students at our adopted elementary school. Our goal this year is to serve more families by providing each child with at least 2 uniforms (shirts and pants), undergarments, socks, shoes, a backpack and school supplies. We’d love to invite you to take part in this outreach!


Here is how you can participate!

We’re accepting cash donations and in-kind donations of goods and/or services. Please consider a contribution that you’re comfortable with.

See the below Sponsorship Levels to find the giving level that’s right for you or your organization.

*Sponsorship Levels


Platinum - $100

Gold - $75

Silver - $50

Bronze - $25


If you’re ready to make a donation, please see the options below: (please earmark all donations for Back to School 2022)

**Methods of Payment for Donations


We would like to thank you in advance for your generosity. Please contact us directly at 470-543-0358 or if you have questions.


Here to serve,
The THRIVE Zone Church

Give securely using your Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account  or PayPal by using one of the options below: PayPal or Tithely

(Please choose Back to School 2021 to earmark your donation)

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